Why you need a portable generator!

New England, just like any other place on the planet, has its ups and downs. On the one hand we have a beautiful landscape and rich history, but in return we get to deal with the winters. Snow and storms can be unpredictable and untimely, causing power loss at the worst possible times. This is where a portable generator can come in. Although it won’t typically restore full power to your house (depending on what generator you get), a portable generator will absolutely allow you to enjoy your amenities even during the harshest winter season.


Many people are afraid to step into the world of portable generators based on the misguided notion that portable generators are an expensive purchase with a large upkeep cost. This is simply untrue.Depending on what model and brand you’re looking into, generators can cost as little as a few hundred dollars upfront. The cost of a portable generator is therefore minimal compared to the benefits of having one in an emergency, whether it’s snow on the ground or a squirrel on the power line!

Heat During a Storm

When it’s ten degrees and storming outside, power is incredibly nice to have, even if it isn’t to your entire house. Portable generators are extremely cost-effective and can power the essentials in your house even during the worst New England blizzards. Why suffer in freezing conditions when you can have hot water, heat, food, and lighting all at your fingertips when the power goes out?

New England, as beautiful as it is, has its flaws, one of them, unpredictable weather. If you don’t have a portable generator now, consider getting one today. You never know when the next time the snow is going to fall around here!